domingo, novembro 6

Sleeping Giant - Dread Champions of the Last Days [2007]



1. The Army of One (ft. Kevin Davis of XDeathstarX)
2. This Calls for Patient Endurance on the Part of the Saints (ft. Eric Gregson of XDeathstarX)
3. Narrow Road (ft. Dave Quiggle of No Innocent Victim)
4. Whoremonger
5. Behold the Pale Horse
6. Dynasty
7. Covenant
8. Blame It on the Holy Rollers (ft. Brook Reeves of Impending Doom)
9. The Power of Prayer
10. Sleeping Giant (ft. Bruce LePage of 100 Demons)
11. No Sleep from the Eyes
12. King of Kings
13. Oh Praise Him
14. This Is the Word