quarta-feira, agosto 24

Flesh Grinder - Crumb's Crunchy Delights Organization [2008]

Death Grind


01 They Like to Play with Their Food 02 Watch Out... Here Comes Derek
03 Gruesome Party
04 Special Pus Sauce
05 I'm with the Guts
06 Kicking a Decapitated Torso in the Balls
07 Brains are Spoon Food
08 Homo Sapiens Low-calories Delicacies
09 Sapiens Burger
10 Vomitous Delicious
11 Suck my Spinning Steel
12 We, the Food
13 Kaihoro
14 Traditional CCD Fetus in Jelly Jar
15 Trash Nausea Total
16 Stick all the Pieces in a Plastic Bag